Package ch.ethz.iks.r_osgi

Interface Summary
AsyncRemoteCallCallback Callback for getting the result of an asynchronous remote call.
RemoteOSGiService RemoteOSGiService provides transparent access to services on remote service platforms.
RemoteServiceListener The RemoteServiceListener interface is used by applications to register for remote service events.
RemoteServiceReference The remote service interface.
Remoting This interface is used by generated proxy bundles.
SmartProxy Interface for smart proxies.
SurrogateRegistration Just an empty interface that adapter bundles can use to register legacy services for remote access.

Class Summary
RemoteServiceEvent Remote service event class.
URI URI is, well, an URI, as described in RFC 2396.

Exception Summary
RemoteOSGiException RemoteOSGiException is thrown when an internal error occurs.

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