Package ch.ethz.iks.r_osgi.messages

Class Summary
DeliverServiceMessage DeliverServiceMessage is used to bring an OSGi service to a remote machine.
LeaseMessage Lease message.
LeaseUpdateMessage Lease update message.
RemoteCallMessage InvokeMethodMessage is used to invoke a method of a remote service.
RemoteCallResultMessage MethodResultMessage is used to return the result of a method invocation to the invoking remote peer.
RemoteEventMessage RemoteEventMessage transfers RemoteEvents via multicast to all listening peers.
RemoteOSGiMessage Abstract base class for all Messages.
RequestBundleMessage Request the bundle of a service.
RequestDependenciesMessage Request bundle dependencies.
RequestServiceMessage FetchServiceMessage is used to signal the service provider that a remote peer wants to get a service that has been registered for remoting.
StreamRequestMessage Stream request message.
StreamResultMessage Stream result message.
TimeOffsetMessage TimeOffsetMessages measures the time offset between two peers.

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