Current release: 1.0.0.RC4

  • Smart serialization allows to use Java classes as arguments which don't implement Serializable.
  • Dependency provisioning: the package dependencies of the client proxy will get resolved by provisioning the corresponding bundles from the remote framework.
  • Native support for non-transparent asynchronous service invocation.
  • Improved performance.
  • Plenty of bugs fixed.

Remote Services for OSGi runs as an OSGi bundle and facilitates distribution for arbitrary OSGi framework implementations.

All that a service provider framework has to do is registering a service for remote access. Subsequently, other peers can connect to the service provider peer and get access to the service. Remote services are accessed in an entirely transparent way. For every remote service, a local proxy bundle is generated that registers the same service. Local service clients can hence access the remote service in the same way and without regarding distribution.

Additionally, Remote Services for OSGi can interact with the EventAdmin service. Frameworks receive all events from connected peers that match one of their EventHandler subscriptions. For R3 frameworks (which do not feature an EventAdmin service), we have implemented an event admin backport as part of Concierge.

Even though Remote Services for OSGi is a sophisticated middleware for OSGi frameworks, it uses a very efficient network protocol and has a small footprint. This makes it ideal for small and embedded devices with limited memory and network bandwidth. The service runs on every OSGi-compliant environment.
Remote Services for OSGi has been tested with Eclipse Equinox, Knopflerfish, and Oscar / Apache Felix, as well as with our own lightweight OSGi implementation Concierge. Our test platforms include a variety of different devices, hardware architectures and Java VMs.

In performance measurements, Remote Services for OSGi did not only outperform UPnP by an average factor of 280, but also performed even slightly better than RMI for many cases.

To see Remote Services for OSGi in action, have a look at our Lego Mindstorms Robots being remote-controlled through Remote Services for OSGi.

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Thanks to all who attended our talk at EclipseCon 2007: Services Everywhere: OSGi in Distributed Environments. Both the paper and the presentation slides are available on the Eclipsezilla.