Projects using Remote Services for OSGi

Project Description Link
flowSGi Collaborative middleware for mobile devices based on OSGi flowSGi website
DC-Prose Dynamic adaptive caching strategies for distributed data-intensive applications. (Master's thesis by Markus Egli, ETH Zurich)
SwissQM SwissQM is a stack-based Virtual Machine for wireless sensor networks. We use Remote Services for OSGi in an experimental branch to provide an integration into the Eclipse IDE.
BUG The BUG platform can access remote services with Remote Services for OSGi, see:
ixTrend ixTrend is a software application for data acquisition from patient monitors. The software acquires, visualizes and store high-resolution medical signals and vital parameters. The software has also the ability to export the data in different file-formats. Remote Services for OSGi is used in the client-server software for the remote communication.
ixCam ixCam is a universal software for the automatic supervision of video cameras. The software allows the connection and supervision of several cameras of different types and manufacturers at the same time. Within ixCam Remote Services for OSGi was also used for the remote communication of the client-server application. Remote Services for OSGi is also used for transferring the image data.

If you use Remote Services for OSGi in your project, please let us know and send an email.